When Should You Talk to Your Children About Sex?

Not many parents find it comfortable and necessary to educate their children about sex. But, parents should be the children’s first source of sex information!


It is true that present generation parents face more challenges than ever before. As the world is changing at a rapid pace, they are forced to adapt, learn, and practice a lot of things, beyond their potential. And, the most challenging task of parenting is, of course, talking to their kids about sex – be it the onset of puberty, gender identity, handling relationships, or consent.

While it is important to talk to children and educate them about sex, « when » and « what » is even more important. Parents must know what to convey at a particular age. For instance, you cannot speak about physical and emotional intimacy with an 8-year-old child. Likewise, explaining good touch and bad touch to an 18-year-old is of no use!

The infographic throws light on age-appropriate sex talks you can have with your children so that they grow up to be well informed and responsible adults. 

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