Top 10 Highest-Grossing Rom-Coms Ever Made in the US

Can you believe that « Pretty Woman » still remains the highest-grossing rom-com ever made? Check out if you have watched the other movies on the list.

Rom-coms are the best movies to resort to if you have plenty of time and you are ready to smile, laugh and cry watching your favorite stars who remind us that love and romance is still alive.  

While a number of rom-coms hit the screens every now and then, only a few remain unbeaten. Pretty Woman is one such movie. It has been three decades since the Richard Gere and Julia Roberts starrer got released. Till date, the movie remains the largest international box office success in the rom-com genre. 

We are sure you would have watched Pretty Woman and the other movies on the list. It would be great if you could comment on what you liked about these movies and what’s your favorite rom-com. 

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