10 Facts About Tigers in Our Country

Tigers are the largest cats that evolve on earth. It is the National Animal of our Indian nation. Let us discuss some interesting facts about our National Animal.

Fact Retriever

  • Tigers have over 100 stripes, which helps it to blend in with the grass. The stripes on its forehead look like a Chinese character that means “King”. 
  • No two tigers have the same stripe pattern.
  • Tigers have a white spot behind their ears, that look like eyes when viewed from distance. It is believed that these are a form of intimidation against other animals. Scientists believe that the spots help their cub to follow their mother through shady forests. The spot is called “Ocelli”.
  • The Tigers tongue is covered with sharp, small, thorn-like, hooked projection. The hook-projection called papillae to curve toward tigers tongue so coarse, that with just a few licks, a Tiger can take off the flesh.
  • Though Tiger and Lion are alike in appearance, Tiger weighs 300 lb than Lions due to their muscular density.
  • Tigers sometimes lure their prey by mimicking their prey’s call. Tigers cannot taste anything that is sweet.

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